Pictures From Marian Hagen

This is a picture of Miss Nichols' sixth grade class for the '51-'52 year. Pictured are: Row 1 - Jimmy Mann, Mike McCarthy, and Bobby Byrd. Row 2 - Irene Kelly, ?, Emilie Kelley, Bettye Hampton, Ann Nickles, Jo Johnson, Eva Reames, and Mary Gail Williams. Row 3 - Twins Dale and Gail Wells, ?, ?, Marian Hagen, Howard Peterman. Row 4 - Ronnie Copeland, Tommy Fellows, ?, ?, Miss Nichols.

This is a shot made in the biology/chemistry lab at the old high school on Chestnut Street. In the picture are Edwin Warren, Marian Hagen, and Marshall Leach. It looks like Marian is choaking Edwin. We had both biology lab (10th grade) and chemistry lab (11th grade) in this room. It was located on the second floor of the building just to the left of center front. Miss Clara Lee McComb was our teacher. She wore a frock with big pockets where she kept many things, including snakes. Her sister, Miss Mary McComb, taught me in the 5th grade.

It looks like this picture was made at one of our "Teentillion" dances on the second floor of the old American Legion Hall. Clarence Peeler's band probably played for the dance. Those with their faces showing are Jean Wright, Marshall Leach, Sammy Furman, and I think Mary Binet. My guess is that Sammy is dancing with either Norma Higginbotham or Sally Thurmond. When I was in the Cub Scouts, I remember our group touring what was later to become the American Legion Hall. The building was then the abandoned old Abbeville jail. I believe that it was located at the corner of Cherry St. and Popular St. Our cub scout group leader was Joe Wilson. He took us to the second floor of the building where we saw the gallows over the stairwell and the abandoned cells that looked like cages made of iron rods. It was one of the creepiest places I have ever been. I think I remember Joe telling us that only one person had ever been hanged there.

This picture was made at the old high school in the area behind the stage of the auditorium. This area was once a basketball court, but it was a place for the band to practice when we were in high school. I was always fascinated by the enormous props for the senior plays that were stored back there. Notice the pipes on the back wall. These were the steam heating pipes. It was "the thing" to paint your name on the wall before graduating. I can see "ickles," which was probably painted by Frances Nickles, and "Beck," which was probably painted by John Beckwith. Without getting out my annual, I recognize Bettye Hampton, Jean Wright, Marian Hagen, Brenda Brodgen, Johnny Winn, Mary Binet, Peggy McDonald, Cornelia Timms, Samuella Speer, Marie Nance, and Patsy Smith. When I was in the 7th grade, I had study hall in the auditorium. Several of us liked to sit near the back and roll small balls of modeling clay down the sloping floor for the students near the front to step on.

Pictured is Marie Nance standing next to her beloved "Henry J" car. (Yes there was a car from the early '50s named "Henry J." It was named after industrialist Henry J. Kaiser, founder of the Kaiser Corp. It was out of production when Marie owned one.) Boy was she proud of that car. It was probably the only Henry J in Abbeville. Parked on the street is a '53 Chevrolet. The picture was made on Pineview St. in front of Marian Hagen's house.

This picture was made at a New Year's Eve party given by Marian Hagen. I am guessing it was made when we were in maybe the 11th grade. Pictured at front left is Marian Hagen. At front right are Jo Johnson and Bobby Bird. Sitting to the left of the table behind Marian is Mary Charlotte Wilson. On the couch are Patsie Bradbury, Jean Wright, and Marie Nance. To the right of the couch is Patsy Smith. On the back row are Albert Lee Hagen, Marshall Leach, Mike McCarthy, Johnny Lomax, and Sammy Furman.

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