Pictures from AHS Old School

The pictures here are from the AHS Old School web cite. This cite was created by Kerry Fossett, class of 1959. The company which hosts this cite does not allow linking of pictures on outside web pages. These are some of the pictures that have been posted there.

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Mrs. June Cheatham's 1948-1949 third grade class. She was one of my favorite teachers. I am standing next to Mrs. Cheatham at the upper right.

Miss Margaret Wilson's 1949-1950 third grade class.

Class of 1959 class play - Onions in the Stew. The picture was made on the auditorium stage at the old Chestnut Street High School.

Class of 1956 class play.

Some members of the Class of 1963.

AHS Band. The picture was made on Tinsley Field behind the old Greenville Street School.

AHS Class of 1960. The picture was made in the gym of the then new high school.

Birthday party.

AHS Cheer Leaders in the early '60s.

Mrs. Mars 1947 first grade class. I was in her 1946 class.

End of the war picture on the square. I was 5 years old and I remember toilet tissue in the trees.

Choir at the First Baptist Church. Probably made in the mid 1950s.

Youth Choir at Main Street Methodist Church. Probably made around 1960.

Junior class play in 1955 - Benny Elrod, Annie Mae Hawthorne, Frank Philips, Willie Nickles, Jimmie Glenn, Carolyn Raybon, Skippy Townsend, and 2 who I can't identify.

Midget football team. I am guessing that this was from the mid to late '50s.

Two ladies who worked at McMurray's Drug Store in the early 1950s. The one on the right is Sarah Wilson. Who is the other lady?

1954 picture on the square.

Swim team title holders - Jean Wilson, Flynn Bowie, Pidgie Green, Pam Terrell, Jerry Richardson, Dickie Edwards, Richard Dyar, and Linda Terrell.

Baptist Church Girl's Camp.

Scout Troop. First row: Sam Sorrow, Wallace New, Stuart Sorrow, Paul Bowen, Paul Terry Sorrow, Tony Ferguson. Second row: Claude Hurt, Elvin Wilson, Foster McClain, Cotton Ferguson, Roy Strickland.

1954 - 1955 Majorettes - Margaret Minor, Peggy McDonald, Jane Hulsey, Carolyn Raybor, and Nancy Ware.

1958 Bicentennial Button.

Class of 1957 Planning Class Day Exercises - Brenda McCurry, James Marvin Williams, Mary Winton Hughes, Mike Able, and Dickie Edwards.

This bridge is now underwater. It was on the other side of Calhoun Falls from Abbeville and went across the Savannah River to Georgia.

This picture was in The Press & Banner in 12/07. It is of employees at the Sharon Drive-In snack bar back in the 1950s. Pictured are Elizabeth Pressley, Robert "Frog" Ferguson, William Broadwell, Nancy Sefton, and Hugh White.

Here is a photo of the Sharon Drive-In from behind the building that housed the snack bar and projectors. The car looks like a late '40s model. The drive-in was opened by William Broadwell in 1950 and sold in 1958. The first movie that I saw there was the 1939 movie "The Wizard of Oz." That was probably in the summer of 1950, the summer before I entered the 5th grade. I can remember the lot being so full of cars in its early years that it was difficult to find a place to park. The business fell off rapidly as everyone bought TV sets in the next few years.

Miniature football given to the 1955 AHS football champions.

Mrs. Singleton's 1954 fourth grade class. (She was the former Miss Black who married high school physics teacher Mr. Singleton.)

Photo made at the old railroad shops yard.

Photo made on the square showing Land's Gift Shop, Maxwell and Bolen Brothers Furniture Store, and McClellans Five and Dime Store. That is a 1953 Plymouth in front of the camera, no doubt sold by Sherard Chrysler & Plymouth which later became White Motors.

The Abbeville Shirt Company, which we all called the Shirt Plant. The building has been long torn down.

A birthday party in 1951.

A picture made on the square in 1966. The picture shows a Rambler station wagon that was made in the early 1960s. My first cousin Julia Leach Coleman had a Rambler that color at that time. I believe that must be her car in the picture. Note the ugly metal structures hung over the fronts of two buildings. They have been long gone now.

A picuture made on the square in the early 1950s showing the monument, Gretchen Grill, and McCain Motor Service.

Football practice behind the high school in 1951. The names written on the photo that I can read are Jerry Neighbors, John Nelson (?), Fred Peeler, and Frank Wilson.

1951 article from AHS Hi-Times. Pictured are football players James Riley Hill, Franklin Wilson, Oliver Erwin, Rayford Timms, and Jimmy Williams.

Harold Prince in front of Prince Motor Co. in 1961. The dealorship sold Ford, Mercury, maybe Lincoln, and (for a while) Edsel.

Friday night football behind Greenville Street School in about 1950. At the left front are Roddy and John Gray and their parents.

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