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The Third Edition of the book "Introduction to Electroacoustics and Audio Amplifier Design" (ISBN 0-7575-0375-6) should be available in July 2003. All previous editions are out of print and no longer available. The main difference between the Third Edition and the Second Edition, Revised Printing, is a new cover, an index, and the correction of errors.

The Second Edition, Revised Printing, of "Introduction to Electroacoustics and Audio Amplifier Design" became available in June 2001. This printing corrects errors found in the first printing, the chapter on audio amplifiers has been revised, and most of the appendices have been combined into a new chapter. Discussions on how to model the lossy voice-coil inductance of a loudspeaker and how to measure its parameters have been added. SPICE loudspeaker examples have been modified to include the effects of the inductor losses and the calculation of diaphragm displacement and vented-box port air displacement. Detailed discussions have been added on methods for controlling the linearity of the input stage of power amplifiers and the relationships between signal bandwidth, input stage overload, slew rate, and gain-bandwidth product. An introduction to class-D switching amplifiers has also been added. The book is currently available. Some links are given below.

W. Marshall Leach, Jr., Introduction to Electroacoustics and Audio Amplifier Design, Third Edition. Kendall/Hunt Publishing Co., 4050 Westmark Drive, Dubuque, Iowa 52002. Copyright 1998, 1999, 2003. ISBN 0-7575-0375-6.

Third Edition, Table of Contents, Preface, and Index

Second Edition, Revised Printing Table of Contents and Preface

Errata for all Editions.

Second Edition Table of Contents and Preface

The first edition of the book became available in September 1998. The publisher printed 200 copies. We had estimated that these would last 2 years, giving me plenty of time to find all the errors, correct them, and make some minor revisions before the second edition. However, the first printing sold out in 8 months and the book became unavailable. Although I did not have time to make all of the revisions that I had wanted to make, the second edition became available in the summer of 1999. It became unavailable in fall 2000 when I sent a revised manuscript to the publisher. The second edition, revised printing, became available early summer 2001. The first two editions were sold at amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, and borders.com. I expect the third edition will be sold there also. The links to their sites given below are for the second edition and may be no longer be valid.

Some Sources for the Book

  • Kendall/Hunt, 1-800-228-0810. These folks are the publishers and the book can be ordered from them.
  • amazon.com
  • Borders
  • Barnes and Noble
  • Georgia Tech Bookstore should have the book when I teach my course each fall and spring semester. In the summer of 2001, this store became a division of Barnes and Noble.
  • To keep the cost down, the book has soft covers. The Second Edition, Revised Printing, has a semi-lay-flat binding.

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