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Null physics is a new theory of the universe developed by Mr. Terence Witt. Much of the theory is based on the assumption that infinity divided by infinity has a numerical value of unity. This result leads to the definition of the universal closure constant given by 1M = (1M ÷ 3× 3, which "encapsulates the full breadth of reality and therefore represents totality’s boundary condition. Space and infinite smallness are components of this boundary." You can read about this new theory of physics here.

If the power cords to your audio equipment suffer from exaggeration, hyper detailing, and performance robbing color doping, there is a new ac power cord that is developed to eliminate these problems. The new Palladian PK10 PowerKord has a special standing wave ratio enhancement which dampens electrical standing wave reflections on the power cord. This results in a noticeably cleaner, clearer sound. The cables are so ultra quiet that they allow for unlimited dynamics, rhythmic articulation, and exceptional low-level resolution.

Machina Dynamica is now selling the Intelligent Chip. If your disks sound anemic or tinny, you can place one of these chips on top of your player while playing the disk to correct the problem within seconds. The most expensive chip only corrects 30 disks, so you might want to purchase several of them if you have a large disk collection. The chip works with CD, DVD, and SACD players. When not in use, it must be kept in its protective case away from any digital player to preserve its charge.

Check out the Philip Stein Teslar watch. This gizmo protects your body from the extremely low frequency electromagnetic waves generated by cell phones and computers. It is quite a gadget.

There is not much science at Weird Links, but there is certainly a lot of weirdness.

The Bybee Quantum Purifier eliminates thermal noise created by the excitation of phonons which travel at the speed of sound and are thus out of phase with the signal, shot noise generated by the operation of transistors, and the always present 1/f noise. The Bybee secret is the creation of electrons which travel in pairs at a high velocity and are able to tunnel unimpeded through copper wire, eliminating the phenomena of quantum noise.

The audio band in the electromagnetic sprectrum has some weird signals that people describe as tweeks, whistlers, and grunts, among other things. You can listen to some of the sounds live from a VLF receiver at the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center here.

There are some Wacky Patents out there. One of my favorites is the Annunciator for the Supposed Dead, an ingeneous grave annunciator device.

JunkScience.Com "All the junk that's fit to debunk." Read how the media uses junk science for sensational headlines and to advance their employer's social and political agendas, how personal injury lawyers use junk science to bamboozle juries into awarding huge verdicts, how social activists use junk science to achieve social and political change, how government regulators use junk science to expand their authority and increase their budgets, how businesses use junk science to bad mouth their competitors, how politicians use junk mail to curry favor with special interest groups, how individual scientists use junk science to achieve fame and fortune, and how individuals who are ill use junk science to blame others for their illness.

In advancing the knowledge of the spiritual principles of life, the teachings of Unarius explain the origin of atomic life within the new holographic paradigm of an interdimensional science.

Enjoy improved imaging, clarity and specificity in your CDs. The Bedini Clarifier polarises the stored data by discharging a special electromagnetic beam that effectively removes the noise, distortion, and interference on a CD.

"Looking through walls, communicating instantly with distant galaxies or just gaining clearer television reception could all be possible with refinement of the transistors that Bill Fogal soldered and glued together on his kitchen table in Martinez, GA." --From the June 2, 1997, Augusta Chronicle, a Georgia newspaper. You can read the newspaper article here. Mr. Fogal's transistor is explained by the theory of "Charge Barrier Technology." You can read Tom Bearden's explanation of charge barrier technology here.

Marshall Hall and his wife are campaign managers of Ga. State Rep. Ben Bridges. Mr. Hall has documented a scientific proof that the sun rotates around the earth and he has traced the theory of evolution to the ancient Jewish Kabbala . Rep. Bridges has introduced House Bill 179 (2006, 2007) into the Georgia Legislature to require the teaching of Mr. Hall's science in Georgia public schools. You can read about Mr. Hall's scientific research here.

In 1990, the Absolute Sound published a review of the TPT Clock, a digital clock that retailed for $300. The clocks were a product of Tice Audio Products Inc. Although they were ordinary digital clocks, the people at Tice had plugged each one into a TPT treatment machine where it received its treatment and programming. After that, the clocks were auditioned on a reference audio system to ensure absolute program integrity before they were sold. The Absolute Sound review reported that plugging the TPT CLOCK into an ac outlet as close as possible to the front end of a video system would result in a clearer, sharper video image with a reduction in video noise on the screen. For an audio system, it would change the sound stage to one with a wider and deeper feel, creating the feeling of being able to reach out and feel the music. The TPT CLOCK performed these miracles within minutes of being plugged in by TPT correcting the electrons on the power line, enabling them to flow in a more direct path with less random electron noise. It was said that the clock itself did not reduce the electron noise. It was the TPT technology that reduced it. The clock was simply a carrier of the technology. Apparently the TPT CLOCK is now out of production, but the TPT technology is still around. Unfortunately, their web page is not. But you can still find some information on the technology here.

Tom Bearden is a leading conceptualist in alternate energy technology, mind/matter interaction, EM bioeffects, paranormal phenomena, parapsychology, psychotronics, Tesla technology, and unified field theory concepts. He holds a MS degree in Nuclear Engineering from Georgia Tech. You can read about his research here.

Bruce Depalma designed his page to disseminate knowledge and accurate data relating to the Pre-Existent Primordial Field of the Universe - a sea of 'free energy' which permeates all. You can read his page here.

Science Frontiers - The Unusual and Unexplained. Strange science, bizarre biophysics, and anomalous astronomy from the pages of the World's Scientific Journals.

According to the theory of geocentricity, the earth is stationed immobile at the center of the universe.

Dr. Brewer learns to use a Simpson Meter Blank Dr. Brewer's expertise extends into disciplines that I cannot pronounce. In general, he is variously classified as a haruspex, an augur, an auspex, and a prognosticator. You can see a summary of his interests here.
Dr. Brewer learns the Simpson Meter

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