ECE 4391 Electromagnetic Compatibility

Cell Phone Policy

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Summer 2004 Class Documents

Documents from Prior Years

  • Quiz 3 Formula Sheet - A copy will be included with the quiz.
  • Set 01 of Class Notes on Noise
  • Lecture Slides from Chapter 1 The figures are at the end of the text slides.
  • Guidelines for Submitting Homework (From ECE3050)
  • Chapter Summaries - After you read each chapter, look at the Summary at the end of the chapter. The author states a number of conclusions. See if you can explain the basic reasons for each one.
  • Homework Assignment 1 - Work all Chapter 2 problems in Appendix D. The answers are given in Appendix E. You should try to think each problem through before you look at the answers. These problems are due Monday, May 31. Go over the problem for Chapter 1 and be sure you understand the answers given in the book.
  • Chapter 12 Figures

Old Class Documents

  • Supplementary notes on noise. Includes the equivalent noise input voltage, the effects of series and shunt impedances at the input, noise factor and noise figure, measuring the noise factor, and some example problems.
  • An example comparison of the BJT and the JFET. Compares the noise performance of the BJT and the JFET as a function of source resistance.

Old Quizzes

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