My Picture
Blank W. Marshall Leach, Jr., Professor
Georgia Institute of Technology
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0250
Telefax: (404) 894 4641
Spring 2007 ECE Picnic - I received the
Outstanding Senior Professor Award.

Letters of Recommendation

If you are an undergraduate student who wishes for me to write a letter of recommendation for admission to graduate school or for a fellowship, please read this.

Courses That I Teach

ECE3050 Analog Electronics
ECE4435 Op Amp Design
ECE4445 Audio Engineering*
ECE6416 Low Noise Electronic Design*
ECE3040 Microelectronic Circuits
ECE4391 Electromagnetic Compatibility

My Biosketch

You can read my "official" school biographical information here.

So You Want to be an Engineer

This is from an email I received from a former student. It is interesting reading.

Another comment from a former student on his life as an engineer.

Selected Publications

You can see some of the papers that I have published in refereed journals here. The papers with links have been posted because of email requests that I have received.

Audio Related Things

Click here to see a collection of things related to audio amplifiers and speakers. Included are some articles and papers that I wrote and some loudspeaker projects that students built.

Some Information Links

My Weird Science Picks

Some science is weird and some science is not weird. I am entertained by weird science. You can see some of my picks here.

Some of My Nostalgic Pictures of Abbeville, SC

If you grew up in the city of Abbeville, SC during the time that I did, you might recognize some of the people in the pictures on this page.

Some Pictures from my three years in the US Air Force

I served as an officer in the Air Force at McClellan AFB in Sacramento, CA in '65 through '67. I worked in McClellan Central Laboratory (MCL) in the 1155th Technical Operations Squadron (1155th TOS). Our squadron was a member of the elite AFTAC organization, which has been described as one of the ten greatest secrets of the Cold War. You can see some pictures I made made here.

Other Links

If a frequency exhibits resonance, it can properly be called a resonant frequency. Can a frequency of resonance be called a resonant frequency? You can read what Harvard's famous acoustician F. V. Hunt had to say about this here. For a weird science definition of resonance, you can read Tom Bearden's definition here.

Making the Grade, by Georgia Tech Physics Professor Kurt Wiesenfeld. Kurt describes his frustrating experiences with students who assume they have the authority to assign their own grades. You can read a student's response here.

Physics 101 Exam. This is a final exam in a senior level physics course taught by Dr. Ronald Edge that I took when I was a student at the University of South Carolina. It was a three hour exam, closed notes and closed book. Each problem consists of two parts, one a derivation and the second a calculation. I would be interested in knowing if the quizzes students take today are as easy as this one.

Phi Kappa Sigma - Alpha Eta Old School

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Dr. Brewer's Video

Back in the spring semester of 2007, a performer known as T. I. performed across from the Van Leer ECE building. The sound technicians were setting up the high-power system during Dr. Brewer's ECE 3042 class. The class was held in the Van Leer Auditorium directly across from the venue. A student recorded this video that shows Dr. Brewer's response to one of the sound technician's tests. Dr. Brewer doesn't miss a beat during his lecture.

Ohm's Law

Every semester in my courses I have students who think that Ohm's Law is V = I/R when it should be V = IR. This short video reviews Ohm's Law and gives a neat triangle rule for remembering it if you don't have it in your calculator or on your formula sheet.

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